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Flat Tummies

A young, fresh & vibrant look for the energy snack brand Flat Tummies, designed to connect with the millennial audience. 


Flat Tummies, approached us to design the identity for their energy snack brand. Passionate about their product, their vision was to replace junk food habits with healthy yet tasty snacks. 100% natural, preservative free, sweetened naturally with fruit and nut, gluten free, dairy free and low calorie, their products were a great combination of health, taste & energy.  

Through our research we observed that millennials were becoming more health conscious and wanted something that was healthy and nutritious yet tasty, fun and energetic. Our challenge was to create a mark that was fun and vibrant, worked with their name, whilst remaining true to the vision of the brand. Since different kinds of seeds were their main ingredients, we explored the form of the seed further, to create a mark that reflected the personality of the brand, was simple, relatable and worked well with the name Flat Tummies. The vibrant orange colour was chosen to further enhance the energetic feeling and create a strong colour association with the brand. 


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