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Home Grown

A packaging identity design to launch the brand Home Grown into the retail market. 


When the brand approached us to re-design the packaging for their snacks, we started our process by understanding their process of making chips. Upon learning this, we realised that the art was in their skill and the quality of the ingredients they used. The attention given to sourcing the right ingredients, to get an authentic flavour and taste was what made homegrown special.  


In order to bring out this essence, we decided to feature the ingredients at the front of the pack to highlight the simplicity and authenticity of the product. This simplicity was translated to the overall design of the pack with the use of strong colours that complimented the products. The decision to show the product through the pack helped the design, allowing the customer to experience the quality of the product and build trust in the brand. The bold Malayalam type further compliment the design, bringing in a regional association adding to authenticity of the brand.