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Romancing the Heart

A simplified book on the coronary heart disease for the everyday man, designed to help readers understand and navigate their concerns easily. 


Written by cardiologist Dr. Akshay Mehta, the book helps the everyday man in understanding, preventing and healing the coronary heart disease.


Breaking the monotony of a novel, the book offers clarity on various topics, by breaking them down into points or through a question answer format, making the information easier to grasp. The design too is structured in a way to help the users easily navigate through their concerns, by allowing the questions and key points to stand out within the layouts. Being an extensive read, this hierarchy also keeps in mind the skimmers by highlighting key takeaways at the end of every chapter. The quotes and illustrations further compliment the text  and add a new dimension to the book whilst helping the reader relate better.


Overall, the simplicity and user friendliness of the book, make it a great read for anyone wanting to understand all the different aspects of the coronary heart disease.