Branding your Values.

The consumer market has evolved with the tide of time.

Today, a consumer is more likely to spend on a product / service of which the values are aligned to that of their own. In the fast and cluttered market it is necessary for your business to catch one’s interest in only a few moments. And, it is important to establish your business' values in this short window.

At Empirici Design Studio through our brand design process we help you extract your business’ core values and convert them on to a universal brand guideline. Using these guidelines we help you create multiple user touch points – Print, Film, Package, Website etc. which help your consumer connect with your business and its values. Resulting an increase in your base and customer loyalty.

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Our Story

Our founder, Athen Puthiyangath started Empirici after completing his Bachelors in design from Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology.  

While hunting for agencies to work with he realised most didn't share his passion towards weighing designing with concepts rather than aesthetics and most agencies charged extremely high prices for quality work. He understood the need for smaller firms and startups access high quality design at a cost effective prices. 

Which motivated him to establish Empirici Design Studio and since 2017 he  has worked with multiple upcoming brands and has transformed their place in today's value driven consumer market.

Our Team

Athen Puthiyangath

Creative Director

Isha Vora

Creative Lead

Prakhar Ojha

UI/UX Advisor

Rishi Saraswat

Coding Expert

Branding business values.

Branding values is the about visualising the core ideology of your brand.

A section of this modern branding process that is ignored by most design agencies, at Empirici Design Studio we cannot emphasis more on how important this method of branding is in today's consumer market.


If you were to take any of the world leading brands such as Apple, Cocacola, Reliance, Google, you'll realise that their visual branding is based on an ideology. Value based branding playing an enormous role in their success.

At Empirici Design Studio we help you extract the core ideology / Unique Selling Point of your business. Which will help create your brand language that will act as a universal language guideline for your business. And unify all your consumer touch points (Ads, Posts, Web, Catalogue, Photography, etc.)

Designing a Brand Language.

Once we identify the core ideology of your company and create the brand guidelines, we are only half way there.

We, then look at your product and your consumer market and study the best suited style, tone of voice and consumer touch points to increase customer approachability, customer loyalty.

Our business model allows easier collaborations with a diverse group of freelance designers, artists, film makers, web developers who have worked with us before or on board them as per your brand requirements.

We are open to talk.

We are always open to explain to you our process, the potential for your business to grow and the touch points most apt for your business to grow. An introductory Consultation absolutely free.

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