We believe in thoughtful

design solutions.

ei. discover. create. connect. 

The emotionally and intellectually evolved consumer today, demands more than aesthetics.

In today’s cluttered market, it is important for a brand to have a unique voice and a consistent narrative. Our research and insight driven process helps us in realising the root problem, understanding your business and identifying what makes it unique. We translate this unique voice into our designs to reflect your brand’s personality, creating a stronger connect with your customers and increasing brand loyalty.


Our ability to transform complex research into a strong visual language, helps in creating a holistic and consistent view of your brand in the customer's mind. 

Working with you as partners, listening, observing and empathising are important parts of our strategic process. Combining this with our craftsmanship and conceptual thinking we believe in building brands that are holistic and experience driven. Brands that leave a long lasting impact to help in sustainable growth of your company. 


Athen Puthiyangath
Brand Strategist, Founder
Isha Vora
Creative Director, Co-Founder

We believe in connecting people and brands through our strategic storytelling.

Young and insightful, we are curious thinkers and creative storytellers. We believe in power of thoughtful design to create meaningful and engaging experiences.

Connected by the digital world, we are wherever you are. We are open to new ideas and cross team collaborations that help build meaningful and compelling narratives across diverse mediums. Ever evolving and growing in our practice, we embrace change and new challenges with open arms.