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Young & Innovative with an Experience Driven approach.

The #IndianBrandRevolution is here.

ei. discover. create. connect. 

People today need more than utilitarian benefits to commit to a brand. They are in a constant search for brands that share their ideologies & beliefs.

Through our strategically curated branding process, we work with your core team to identify the key attributes & the visual language essential for your brand. Helping you align your brand's ideologies & beliefs with that of your desired stakeholders.

We provide your brand with the ideal Strategy, Name, Logo Design & Brand Guidelines as a part of our Branding Process. We continue to work with our clients and bring their brand to life through various verticals like Website Design, Package Design, Print & Digital Media.


Athen Puthiyangath
Brand Strategist, Founder
Isha Vora
Creative Director, Co-Founder

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