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Amardeep Design

A strategic repositioning & rebranding for the furniture brand Amardeep Design, to reflect  their re-imagined process & transform their image.


Amardeep Design is a furniture brand, providing a diverse range of solutions across multiple furniture segments. They started as office chair manufacturers in 1992, and have expanded over time into segments such as lifestyle, hospitality, education and more. Working closely with architects, they provide their clients with the necessary resources and tools to help them create innovative designs and provide holistic furniture solutions.  

Having grown, diversified and adapted a more innovative design process, Amardeep approached us to re-create their brand. Our task was to create an identity that aligned with their new vision, innovative process and more importantly communicated the right message to their customers. 


Our strategy workshop with Amardeep helped us define and identify the company structure and goals. We started by understanding their sales process, identifying their strengths and weaknesses and understanding their target customer - the architect. In developing our strategy, we realised that their core laid in facilitating architects and helping them achieve the vision for their space. With a library of a wide range of resources to offer, an inclusive design process and the manufacturing capability to custom make furniture, Amardeep Design’s unique offering lay in the ability to provide holistic furniture solutions that fit an architect’s design language. 


We created an identity that captured Amardeep Design’s dynamic approach and characteristic to always innovate with design & form. The logo mark was created with shapes that were abstract representations of the letters A and D. Enclosed within a space, they represented the furniture within a space and acted as building blocks creating diverse arrangements to help transform spaces. These shapes further extended into the supporting design language, acting as symbols representing the different combinations and endless furniture possibilities that Amardeep had to offer. It introduced a playfulness to the brand, reflecting the new dynamic nature and flexible process that they followed.