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Brand identity and packaging for a century old coconut oil company, enabling them to successfully expand into the retail market. 


Ittiyera is a Kerala based coconut oil company, that has been running for nearly a century. With their strong heritage and attention to the craft, they produce one of the finest quality edible coconut oil. While designing their their identity and packaging, our primary goal was to communicate the brand's strong foundation, the purity of their product and developing a brand voice that will help them gain a competitive advantage in the retail market. 


Being a new brand in the retail market, the product needed to establish trust, quality and stand out amongst its competitors. We started with creating a unique bottle design that reflected the brand voice, was good for storage and could be reused.  For the label design we created something very simple yet strong to bring out the premium feel, high quality and establish the strength of the brand. We used the ‘I’ as a strong signature element on the label, that stood for the brand name ‘Ittiyera’, ‘me’, ‘one’, ‘a pillar’, creating several associations in the customers mind. 


Simple yet strong, the design stood out in the cluttered market, positioning Ittiyera as a grounded trustable brand with fine quality, amongst the many adulterated products. The clean and minimal design approach also helped increase trust and loyalty towards the brand.