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Reimagining Kakkassery: A Dynamic rebrand, to connect with a thriving customer base and embrace their new store.


Kakkassery, a hardware store in Kerala, approached us with a vision to revamp their brand identity and expand their customer base. With the goal of appealing to a wider audience, including new-generation families and large-scale architects and builders, we executed a rebranding initiative that showcased their modern and customer-centric approach to hardware retail. Our primary challenge was to create a contemporary and professional brand identity that resonated with a broader demographic while maintaining the essence of Kakkassery's industry reliability and expertise. 


Through in-depth consultations with stakeholders, we crafted a visually compelling brand identity that captured the essence of Kakkassery Hardware Mart. We needed to position Kakkassery as the go-to destination for all hardware needs, standing out amidst a crowded and cluttered market.


We developed a dynamic and impactful mark featuring converging arrows pointing towards the letter "K." This symbol effectively showcased the extensive range of quality hardware materials available at Kakkassery. The logo became a strong visual representation of the brand, embodying trust, reliability, and a wide product selection. We also developed a comprehensive visual identity system, including color palettes, typography, and graphic elements, to create a consistent and cohesive brand image.