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A new identity, naming and website design for a startup aiming to upgrade systems in the physical therapy space.  


When Pheal approached us, their ambition was clear—to upgrade systems in the physiotherapy space and revolutionize patient care.

Our goal was to create a brand identity that would embody their mission and inspire physio therapists to upgrade to the future of Physiotherapy. 
Throughout the branding process, we worked closely with the Pheal team to ensure their values and mission were reflected in every aspect of the design. In addition to establishing the brand identity, we also collaborated on developing the overall brand strategy.

Inspired by the physiotherapy process, we crafted a brand identity that portrayed the patient's healing journey as a climb towards recovery. Thus, we conceptualized a bold typeface, made it distinctive by adding steps at the end of the word "Pheal." This typographic treatment beautifully symbolizes progress and represents the idea of moving forward on the road to recovery. It serves as a visual reminder that every step matters in the healing process.

The Colour played a crucial role in bringing energy, motivation, and liveliness to the brand. After careful consideration, we chose a vibrant lime green. This colour not only stands out but also symbolizes growth, renewal, and vitality—attributes closely associated with the journey of healing. The lime green hue infuses a sense of optimism and positivity into the brand, creating an engaging and dynamic visual experience.

We also crafted a compelling website that showcases Pheal's innovative solutions and highlights their commitment to empowering physiotherapists and improving patient care. The website provides a seamless user experience, guiding visitors through the unique offerings and benefits of Pheal's services.