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A new identity, packaging and website design for the organic spice traders.


Vanamoolika is an organization devoted to conservation and organic cultivation of medicinal and local plants. Situated in the middle of the western ghats, a UNESCO designated world heritage hot-spot, every process at Vanamoolika is designed to enhance the biodiversity, strengthen the local community of farmers and preserve the ecology. 

When they approached us to design their identity, we visited them to experience the place and understand the vision in depth. To reflect Vanamoolika’s story and communicate their philosophy it was clear to us that our design had to capture the celebratory aspect of their community spirit and their strong roots in conservation. The brand mark captures this celebratory aspect reflecting the growth, blossoming and protective nature that lies at the heart of what Vanamoolika does.


The packaging system was designed to be simple, sustainable and easy to decode. Highlighting the region of cultivation on the onset, helped create an association with the place, an important part of Vanamoolika's roots, bringing out the authenticity of the brand. The simple design was complimented with carefully crafted botanical illustrations to reflect Vanamoolika’s care and quality of the products. 


Our website design helped Vanamoolika’s story be more accessible and help transition them into the e-commerce market. Each element was designed to reflect the brands essence and provide a seamless user experience. The structure was designed to incorporate all the different aspects of Vanamoolika, giving the user a holistic view of the organisation and its engagements. Since Vanamoolika team's users were not very digitally native, the website experience was designed to be simple at both the front end and the dashboard level to provider the user with a smooth experience.